Microsoft has just declared a brand new, next generation Xbox console, which claims to be the tiniest Xbox ‘.

The console, which was called the Xbox Series S, is defined for a smaller and more economical version of this classic, and can be set to launch together with the flagship Xbox collection X later this season. Microsoft shared an image of exactly what the brand new, nifty small console may look like at a tweet by the official Xbox account.

It seems like the newest Series S doesn’t have a disk drive, unlike its counterpart that is pricier. But, Microsoft does offer an “all electronic” variant of their Xbox, so matches are easily available to be bought online in the Microsoft shop. This is quite much like the recent statement that Sony will be offering a more affordable PlayStation 5, that comes with no disk drive and will be published together with the initial console.

However, the article did not disclose what some of those gaps will be between the Series S along with also the Series X, or provide some indication about how it’s possible for a single variant to be so much less costly than another. The revelation of this price tag, however, did seem to validate the escape which came out about the console earlier in the week.

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